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Versailles II

Was released in November 2001 for PC/Mac

The Story:

Laslande, the young hero of "Versailles, Plot at the Court of the sun King", has become an ordinary gentleman, i.e., an official spy for the King. Instructed to find a page-boy who has disappeared, Laslande finds himself up against an unprecedented conspiracy... It is too late to warn the King. He only has one day left and must act alone to foil the dreadful plot that threatens the entire Kingdom. His only weapon is, once again, his skill in manipulating courtesans and taking part in the game of intrigue: spying on and seducing the guests of Versailles.


* The sequel to "Versailles, Plot at the court of the Sun King" which sold over 500,000 copies in all media.
* A rarely attained graphical quality; an innovative system of playable cinematics.
* An atmosphere rich with Court intrigues, spying in the gardens and the confidence of courtesans...

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the image of Louis XIV in the menu is taken from PC-Game "Versailles II" created by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. See the description of that game under "Software" for more information.