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As Louis XIV is a very famous historical person, there are many films filmed about him and his age. Unfortunately not all of the films are... good. So I decided to list the films I know on that page and to provide some info and screen shots.

Films are a very good way to try to imagine "how it was that time". Every film tries to create a certain atmosphere using costumes, decorations and also showing the etiquette. Not all of these films are really successful in creating 17th century world, but it is always interesting to watch them as they help us to get a little bit closer to that strange world of these times.

For me it is also very interesting to see how actors try to play Louis XIV as it is a very difficult role to play. Louis XIV is a great king and that must be seen in his every move, in his every sentence. Not all of the actors are able to play that role...

That page was also created in order to show which films are historical and which are fiction. I receive many emails from my visitors who ask me about "Man in the iron mask" and would like to know if the film based on real facts or not. So I hope that this page will also help some of my visitors.

Description of film categories

Here you can see the list of films divided into several categories. I would like to explain each of them:

- Documentary - Documentary films that contain only documentary information
- Historical - films which tried to recreate the century of Louis XIV exactly as it was. Costumes, persons, storyline, places, decorations - everything is real and there is no fiction at all!
- Historical Fiction - here I will put films which are not really historical, but they are too good to be put into "fiction" category. These films may contain a small fiction part, but they are almost historical and worth of being watched.
- Fiction - these films contain much more fiction than truth. They may contain some historical basics, but almost everything in them is just a a fairy-tale.


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