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History Adventures

Hello and welcome to HISTORY ADVENTURES.
On that site you will find only computer adventure games and multimedia with historical content and backgrounds. All the games / multimedia were created together with museums, archaelogists, historians and experts.
They are spectacular 3D-Reconstructions of
History, Events, People, Buildings, whole cities, all-day-life and cultures.

Historical documentary bases are often available in the game and you have free access to them during and after the game.
Do you want to experience history?
- meet the Sun King!
- survive eruption of a volcano in Pompeii!
- discover a dark conspiracy in ancient Rome!
- learn about intrigues in Vorbidden City!
- have you ever sat at the Round Table?
- don't let snakes bite you in a tomb of an egyptian Pharao!
On that site you will find a list of all history-adventures I know about, some infos and descriptions of them and screen shots of each game.
If you know a historical game / multimedia and it is not listed here, please inform me!
Elena Steingrad

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